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What is your round?

I think you might mean 'year round', which means anytime during the year. Example: 1. ABC Amusement Park closes from October 1st to May 1st, while ZYB Rides and Amusement is (MORE)

How do you round?

ok well lets say rounding 193 to nearest ten u circle the ten placeunderline the next number 1 to 5 stays the same 5 to 9 climb thevine or more than nine its like righty tight (MORE)
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What is a round?

a round is when you love some one A round can be a piece of ammunition (a bullet), one segment of an athletic contest (a round of a boxing match), one drink per person in a (MORE)

What is a round by round poker tournament?

A round by round poker tournament or a tournament in a "round by round stage" is a tournament where only 1 hand is being played at the same time. When playing in a regular to (MORE)