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What is a disadvantage of the round robin algorithm?

Pure round robin scheduling processes A, then B, then C, then starts at A again. (A, B, C might be tasks in an operating system context, or devices in a master/slave control n (MORE)

Example of round robin scheduling?

example on round robin problem in OS: let here p1,p2,p3,p4 are some process and its burst time is given as: P1=6 P2=8 P3=2 P4=4 time quantum=4 millisec PROCESSES (MORE)

Write an algorithm for round robin?

A round robin algorithm processes a number of tasks, steps or items one by one in a cyclic fashion like so: 1. For N items, n=0, 2, 3, ..., N-1, let n be 0. 2. Process step (MORE)
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What does a round robin look like?

a colloqual term for an arbitrary lane-changing procedure in slot racing, players change lanes after each heat- to equal out the advantages. it really doesn"t photograph.

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