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What is a Cattle Roundup?

Its when ranchers or cowboys take there cattle to a train which they get on to and take them to the slaughter house. They might also get on trucks. You might call it a cattle (MORE)

How does Roundup work?

The herbicide Roundup works by being sprayed on targeted weeds forabsorption through the leaves and transport down to the roots toinhibit production of an enzyme necessary for (MORE)

What is in roundup?

Roundup Weed and Grass killer contains glyphosate (2% in its Ready To Use form) It also contains a soap like surfactant that helps it to adhere to the weeds better.

What is cattle roundup?

A cattle roundup is when Ranchers get together on their horses and help another rancher gather his/her cattle (usually hundreds of cattle) from mountain summer pastures. Usual (MORE)
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Is Roundup a poison?

Roundup is actually a Weed and Grass killer. When applied according to the label instructions, it poses no health risks to people or pets.
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Is roundup a noun?

Yes, it is a noun. It originally applied to the process of  collecting cattle or horses. It can also mean a summary. (The verb  form is two words: round up.)
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Why do they have a pony roundup?

If you are referring to the Chicoteague Pony Round-Up they do it to decreasr the wild population of Chicoteague Ponies so the island they live on does not become overcrowded a (MORE)
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What is roundup made of?

The primary active ingredient in Roundup is Glyphosate (2%). It also contains Pelargonic acid and related fatty acids. Roundup is a water based weed killer.
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What are rattlesnake roundups?

People pinpoint a region and capture rattlers, and bring them to a central location. The snakes are killed and skinned, some are even cooked, and eaten. The whole thing has a (MORE)