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What is routine?

A routine is a form of time line!my routine everyday is to wake up, get dressed,brush teeth,eat breakfast,use potty,warm up my car,go to work,and stay at work until5:00pm. tha (MORE)
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What is a routine specimen?

the specimen requirements are written in a format that specifies  the requested volume, storage temperature, and any special handling  notes. The requested volume is an amou (MORE)
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What is routine planning?

Routine planning is planning for the things that you expect to  occur. In business, routine planning meetings often happen at least  once a week.
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What is a uninstall routine?

I use the standard way to uninstall programs: Step 1 Click the "Start" menu on the left bottom of your screen. Step 2 Select "Control Panel" Step 3 Locate and choose "Ad (MORE)
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What is recursive routine?

lets say that your starting point is {2,9} and x i going up by 1 and y is going up by 8. You plug into your TI 84-plus {2,9} enter. then {ans(1)+1, ans(2)+8}

What is a dance routine?

A dance routine is a choreographed dance with specific steps that are repeated the same way every time, usually to specific music or a musical beat.
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