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How long does a figure skating routine have to be?

In men's competition, there are two programs: A short program which is 2 minutes 50 seconds long and a Long Program (or Free Skate) which is 4 minutes 30 long. In women's, the (MORE)

What is Routinization of charisma?

Routinization of charisma   The "routinization of charisma" is an expression dating from German sociologist Max Weber's classic sociology of religion. A prophetic leader (MORE)

What is mean by interrupt service routine?

It is a routine in a micro controllers program where the program jumps to after receiving a interrupt on the micro's interrupt pin. Because most micro's can only run one progr (MORE)

What is routine decision?

Routine decisions are ones that you make on a regular basis, in  which the answers are obvious to you and require little or no  consideration of an alternative.    Ex (MORE)
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What is routine activities?

  Routine activities are things that are done everyday. Routine activities are mundane. There is absloutley nothing special about them. They are repeated over and over and (MORE)

Do you like routine work?

Routine work can be comforting. The establishment of regular  routines creates a sense of stability. When work is routine, one  can build their skills. There are advantages (MORE)

What is a routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance is maintenance done on a rather regular basis.  For instance, changing oil in a car, changing furnace filters,  running an antivirus program on a compute (MORE)

What is a homework routine?

A routine is just something you do the same way every time, so it  would be the way you do your homework; like a study habit
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