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What does La Roux mean in French?

It means red-haired-one. There is also a music group La Roux and of course the lead singer has red hair. It's somewhat an oxymoron because la is a feminine article while roux (MORE)
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How do you make roux?

To make roux you need equal parts oil (a fat) and flour (all purpose is best). Heat oil in a skillet (frying pan) when oil is warm, close to hot frying stage but not overhea (MORE)

Is La Roux a man or a women?

her name is elly Jackson and she is a woman her hair is just part of her costume and her band is called la roux
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What is a roux?

The foundation of most sauces; prepared by cooking together equal amounts of fat and plain flour, for a short time for white sauces, and longer for blond or brown sauces. The (MORE)

What does roux mean?

In cooking, a roux is a foundation for a sauce (notably brown or darker sauces). It begins as a heated mixture of fat and flour, the fat consisting of lard, meat fats, bacon g (MORE)

How do you make a roux sauce?

To make 600ml (approximately 1 pint)   · 25g butter   · 25g plain flour   · 600ml cold milk   · Salt and pepper     Melt the butter in a heavy-based s (MORE)

How roux bottles are used?

roux bottles are basically used in animal cell culture. these are available commercially, presterlized, made of borosilicate material. it has a flat surface , as the larger su (MORE)
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How do you make a roux?

There are different variations, but a roux is basically a sauce  derived of oil, seasoning and flour. Using a pan that you aleady  cooked meat or fish etc., combine some oil (MORE)