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How do you make a roux?

There are different variations, but a roux is basically a saucederived of oil, seasoning and flour. Using a pan that you aleadycooked meat or fish etc., combine some oil, marg (MORE)

What is roux?

It means Ginger in french and has also other meanings . div style=%22padding: 0; margin: 0; margin-bottom: 10px; background-image: url( (MORE)

What is a roux?

The foundation of most sauces; prepared by cooking together equal amounts of fat and plain flour, for a short time for white sauces, and longer for blond or brown sauces. The (MORE)
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How do you make roux?

To make roux you need equal parts oil (a fat) and flour (all purpose is best). Heat oil in a skillet (frying pan) when oil is warm, close to hot frying stage but not overh (MORE)
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What are the types of roux?

there are 4 basic roux . light (or what the cajuns call blond) . medium (or peanut-butter colored) . dark . and white (the light roux is manly the same ) .
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How to make roux?

A roux is a must have ingredient in many dishes. It can be added tostews, gumbos, and other foods that need to thicken. Theingredients in a roux include flour and a fat of som (MORE)

What is white roux?

Simple: Butter, and white flour. Do not cook at a high heat level or you will either brown the butter or flour and it is no longer a white roux.

What is a roux sauce?

A roux sauce is a sauce made with roux (a mixture of flour and fat cooked together). Roux is the base for many sauces and gravies in French and Cajun cooking. Roux is added to (MORE)

What does roux mean?

In cooking, a roux is a foundation for a sauce (notably brown or darker sauces). It begins as a heated mixture of fat and flour, the fat consisting of lard, meat fats, bacon g (MORE)

Who Is Nick Roux?

Nick Roux is an actor who has appeared on Disney Channel series. He was seen as Jon Luc on Suite Life on Deck , as Billy Nutter on Jane By Design , and on Wizards of Waverly (MORE)