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What is a row in Excel?

A row header are the numbers that run down the page to identify the row of cells that go across the sheet (horizontal cells). Columns are the headings that are at the top of t (MORE)

In a spreadsheet what is a row?

Row (also called as record, is the horizontal line in a table) is the set of fields within a table that are relevant to a specific entity. _Column_ ________ |___V___||___^ (MORE)

Where did rowing start?

Modern rowing first started on the River Thames in London England during the 18th century. The sport soon spread across Europe and then into America and Canada, and was one of (MORE)

Is row a noun?

The word row is both a noun and a verb. Examples: Noun: He planted a row of tulips along the walk. Verb: I'm too tired to row the canoe today.
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