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How tall is Rachel Roy?

Rachel Roy the famous fashion designer is a native of California.  Rachel Roy's height is measured at 5 foot 10 inches tall.
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Does Roy Mustang have a middle name?

Canonically speaking, there is nothing said about whether he does or does not. It is possible that he does, as there are other characters in FMA-verse with middle names or ini (MORE)

What is Roy Mustang's dog speech?

In the English dubbed anime adaption this is how the scene went: Mustang: "..Dog huh?...... I LOVE DOGS!" Fuery: *Happy/excited gasp* "Really? You mean it?" Mustang: "Of (MORE)

Who is Roy Disney?

There are two Roy Disneys. One Roy Disney was Walt Disney's brother. The other Roy Disney is Walt Disney's nephew. This Roy Disney just recently passed away about 2 weeks ago. (MORE)

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Did Roy Rogers smoke?

Supposedly up until the late 1950s but can't verify the fact.   If I may: in point of fact, Roy still smoked (Camels at that)  when I first met him, and that was March of (MORE)

Who was Roy Orbison?

Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 - December 6,  1988) was an American singer and songwriter world-renowned for his  deeply-moving emotional ballads delivered by a powerful (MORE)

What is the value of Roy Orbison's autograph?

  Answer   It depends on what is autographed but can range from the low $100s to over a thousand.   Autographed photos of Roy, signed Album Covers and programs fe (MORE)

Do Roy and Riza kiss?

No. Neither in Brotherhood or the original anime series do they kiss. Though they do have some romantic moments together. There are rumors that in one chapter of the manga tha (MORE)

What does ROI mean?

Return On Investment - if I spend $100 on a product that will save me $25 per month, my ROI kicks in four months after my investment. Three year ROI will be $800 (8x25 first y (MORE)