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What art did roy lichtenstein make?

In short, Lichtenstein created "Pop Art". By his own definition, Pop Art is "not 'American' painting but actually industrial painting". From an artistic perspective, his wor (MORE)

How did Roy Lichtenstein die?

Roy Lichtenstein died in September, 1997 from a severe case of pneumonia.
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Did Roy Lichtenstein have a wife?

In 1949 Lichtenstein married Isabel Wilson (divorced 1965). In 1954 his first son, David Hoyt Lichtenstein was born. He then had his second son, Mitchell Lichtenstein in 1956.
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Where did Roy Lichtenstein study?

  Roy Lichtenstein attended a public school in New York, for his primary education, until the age of 12. He then enrolled at Manhattan Franklin School for boys, remaining (MORE)

Where did roy lichtenstein get his inspiration from?

The inspiration for his first Cartoon piece came from a challenge from one of his sons, who pointed to a Mickey Mouse comic book and said; "I bet you can't paint as good as th (MORE)

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Was Roy Lichtenstein depressed?

Roy Lichtenstein was a pop artist from the United States whose work is widely known from the 1960s. It has been made known that Lichtenstein struggled with a private battle of (MORE)