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Why is Royal Icing called 'Royal'?

I found the following on an article by Pat Lock. The title 'royal' was given to royal icing after being used on Queen Victoria's wedding cake in 1840. Francatelli, the Queen (MORE)

Do royal poinciana trees grow in Orlando Florida?

yes Royal poinciana grow in Orlando,when the tree is young you need to cover in winter time after the tree acostum to the climate the tree grow fine i have 3 royal poiciana,2 (MORE)

How do you become royal?

People become royal by being born into a royal family, as Prince Charles and his son, Prince William, were in the UK, or by marrying into it, as Queen Elizabeth's mother (The (MORE)

When did the royal engineers become 'royal'?

Officers - King's Engineers were first formed on a permanent establishment in Norman times and were employed on fortification works. With the introduction of gunpowder to (MORE)

What is the best fertilizer for royal poinciana?

A slow release fertilizer may be best for royal poinciana trees (Delonix regia). Specifically, royal poinciana trees are native to the dry deciduous forests of Madagascar. T (MORE)

Why is royal bank of Scotland royal?

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has the term 'Royal' because it was founded by Royal Charter in 1727. The use of the term Royal is restricted, and, would normally have to be (MORE)

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