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What was the Royal Road?

The Royal Road was a very old road that was redesigned and rebuilt  by the engineers of King Darius the Great of Persia. The work on  this road was completed in the 5th cent (MORE)

How do you become royal?

People become royal by being born into a royal family, as Prince Charles and his son, Prince William, were in the UK, or by marrying into it, as Queen Elizabeth's mother (The (MORE)

I need Information on the royal co-operative collecting society?

  My mother-in-law has policy documents for Royal Co-Operative Collecting Society and the   Stamford Mutual Insurance Company Limited.   According to another Wik (MORE)

What is a royal consort?

A royal consort is the spouse of the reigning monarch. So, Phillip is currently a royal consort and Henry VIII had six of 'em...! Hope this helps :)
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What is a lady royal?

I think you'll better at looking up the title "Lady-in-Waiting." Wikipedia- A lady-in-waiting is a female personal assistant at a royal court, attending on a queen, a prin (MORE)

What is the royal society?

There are 'Royal Societies' for all sorts of organisations - for  example - RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to  Animals) or RSPCC (Royal Socety for the Pr (MORE)

What are Royal Horticultural Society medals?

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) was founded in London in 1804 and exists as a charitable organisation to promote gardening and horticulture by way of flower shows, notab (MORE)

What is the royal animal?

A lion is considered 'king of the jungle' but to many people their favorite animal is the best so really there is no answer.
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