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The significance of the Royal Black Knights of Ireland and the coin that is in this order. var. religious symbols on one side the other the Aztec pyramid and the all seeing eye time is short pls help?

        I have one of these coins. Contact Jim at, he has a great collection of these used in a lodge/ Royal Black display. I know he will (MORE)

Where is Royal Bank of Ireland in London?

The Royal Bank of Ireland does not exist. Ireland is a republic, not part of the UK (except Northern Ireland), so it is not associated with the Royal Family. It is actually (MORE)
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Where is Ireland?

Ireland is a country in north-western Europe. See the related link below. Ireland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean in north-western Europe. Canada lies directly to the wes (MORE)
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Why is Ireland southern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

The term "Southern Ireland" is an informal term used for the Republic of Ireland, to distinguish it from "Northern Ireland". It is not an official name or geographically corre (MORE)

What are Irelands ethnic foods of Ireland?

Irish stew with potato lamb and various vegetables. Whiskey(strong spirit) and Guinness( a beer). soda bread, potato cakes and various kinds of mashed potato with different th (MORE)
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Is northern Ireland ruled by Ireland?

Northern Ireland has been devolved from direct UK Government control, and can now partially govern themselves. Before that, they decided to remain as a member of Great Britain (MORE)
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Why are there a republic of Ireland and a Northern Ireland?

Because they are two different states/countries. The republic is an  independent state (although, concerning its membership of the EU,  some people people contest this fact. (MORE)