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Can you get a passport if you have a warrant?

Before any passport is issued, the passport applicant's name is checked against a central name check system. A federal or state law enforcement investigative agency may reques (MORE)

What is an e warrant?

When looking for an easy-to-use, streamlined system for receiving, filing and serving warrants, Kentucky turned to Open Portal Solution's NE Warrants program. Like all states, (MORE)

Can you find out what a warrant is for?

Usually, yes, if you learn there may be a warrant for you, you can call the clerk of the court that issued the warrant, identify yourself, and ask about any outstanding warran (MORE)

What to do if you have a warrant?

Call the issuing department and turn yourself in. It's better than being pulled out of your car and handcuffed in front of your friends or family.
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What is a warrant?

A warrant is an order from a judge to search for something or to arrest a person.
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Who does not need a warrant?

What kind of warrant? All law enforcement agencies such as local/city police and/or State police need a search warrant to legally enter your home,unless they have probable ca (MORE)

What invalidates a warrant?

A warrant can be witdrawn by the agency that sought it, or a judge can cancel, or "quash" it for sufficient cause.
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