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How was Ruapehu formed?

It was like BaM with a bunch of rocks and it became like a big mountain thingy. And it got big. hehe
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What Are facts about me ruapehu?

Mount Ruapehu is the largest active volcano in New Zealand. It is9,175 feet in height and is the highest mountain in the NorthIsland.
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When did Ruapehu last erupt?

In recorded history, major eruptions have been about 50 years apart, [1] in 1895, 1945 and 1995-1996. Minor eruptions are frequent, with at least 60 since 1945. Some of the m ( Full Answer )
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Is Mount Ruapehu still active?

Yes. Mt Ruapehu is still active. In May 2008, for example, there were reports that Ruapehu was showing increasing signs of activity, including increased temperature, chemical ( Full Answer )
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How tall is ruapehu?

Mt Ruapehu, towards the southern part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, is 2797m high. It is one of the most continuously active volcanoes in the world. It has a crater lake, surrou ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Ruapehu?

Ruapehu District From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Ruapehu District . - Territorial authority of New Zealand -. Country . New Zealand. Island . North Islan ( Full Answer )
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In what country is Ruapehu in?

Mt. Ruapehu is located in the centre (approx) of the North Island of New Zealand
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What are facts about mt ruapehu?

It has a crater lake at the summit of the mountain it is 2505m high. Mt Ruapehu is 2797m. It caused airports it caused damage facility and caused animals to die and sufficat ( Full Answer )
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How long is mount ruapehu?

Mt Ruapehu is a stratovolcano, and is one of the world's most active volcanoes. It's caldera fills with water to form a crater lake. There are three peaks at the summit, the h ( Full Answer )
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What boundary is Ruapehu volcano on?

The Ruapehu volcano, and indeed all of the Taupo Volcanic Zone arises as a result of subduction of the Pacific plate under the Australian plate. Thus the volcanic activity occ ( Full Answer )