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What are rubbers?

"Rubbers" is the crude slang word for condoms, the most popular contraceptive offered today.. Answer. Another way of saying condoms
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Why are rubber ducks made out of rubber?

Rubber Ducks are made of rubber because it is a cheap material and is very durable, and lasts a long time. Also, it easily cleans, especially if it is dirtied after you have l ( Full Answer )
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From where do you get rubber?

from a rubber tree Simon tarm lives in nz in botanical gardens Auckland Simon is fat
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How do you get rubber?

A "rubber" is just a slang term for a condom. There is no age limit to go and purchase them from any gas station or grocery store
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How do you extract rubber from a rubber tree?

by collecting its sap. you kind of make a hole or slice... a small one, something like that then put a tube on it then a pail whih collect the falling sap...
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Is it burned rubber or burnt rubber?

You can use either term. 'Burned' and 'burnt' are variations on the same word, just like 'learned' and 'learnt'. So you could say, 'The car smelled of burned rubber', ( Full Answer )
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Why are rubber band made of rubber?

Rubber bands are made of rubber because rubber is stretchy so it is able to wrap around materials such papers, pencils, poster boards, etc. Also, it is a strong material so it ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get rubber?

The rubber that comes from oil is called 'synthetic rubber'. The rubber that comes from trees is called 'natural rubber'.
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What do you do to get rubber from a rubber tree?

Natural rubber is created from the sap of the Rubber Tree. In fact, that is the only thing needed from the tree to produce natural rubber.