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Who was the first black manager in baseball?

On April 8, 1975, Frank Robinson managed his first game with the Cleveland Indians, becoming the first black manager. He managed the same team that allowed in the second black (MORE)

Who is the highest paid baseball General Manager?

The highest paid general manager in baseball is the Yankees Brian Cashman, whom earns $2 million dollars this season (the final year of his contract). The mean salary for Majo (MORE)

Baseball manager and also lawyer?

  Current (2008) St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa has a law degree from Florida State University. There have been four previous lawyer-managers in major league bas (MORE)

How did managers of a baseball team get the nickname Skipper?

I believe that it's just a straight nautical tie between Skipper's -- the chief of boats -- and the fact the manager is chief of the team. The Team itself can be considered h (MORE)

What are rules about baseball managers ejected from games?

The rules with Managers being ejected from the game is that they  cannot remain in the dugout so they have to go into the clubhouse  after the point of their ejection. Howev (MORE)

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