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How many steps were in Rube Goldberg's pencil sharpener?

There were 17 or 18 steps, depending on whether you include the  sharp knife that is provided as a backup sharpening device.
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What did rube goldberg go to college for?

Rube Goldberg had a father who did not approve of his  passion in art, and wanted his son to pursue a  respectable career. So, he forced Rube to attend the  University of C (MORE)
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Using a Rube Goldberg Device how do you squeeze toothpaste onto a toothbrush?

  Have a ball fall into a toy car, then go down a ramp, then hit a heavy book, whick will fall onto a tube of toothpaste. You can add on to the design like having the car (MORE)

Is there an easier way to get rubees in Paper Mario for Wii than going to the VIP room and having your patience run thin?

  go to the room where you hit the blocks then get 100 rupees.After you have finished get to the ? block on the first floor where you broke the vase. get on the ground rig (MORE)

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The fastest way to get rubes in twilight princess?

1.) they're spelt Rupees. 2) to answer the question on how to obtain them, there are multiple ways. one way is to defeat enemies(Bokoblens, Dinalfos rejects,etc.) and anothe (MORE)