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How to Remove Rubicon Rear Rotors?

Put the vehicle on jack stands, remove the rear wheels, chock the front tires. Then remove the calipers by loosening the two bolts on the inside of the calipers, and slide th (MORE)

Where is the rubicon river?

The Rubicon river is in north east Italy. This river has gained a place in ancient history as it is said that Julius Caesar crossed this river on his way to Rome. He had one l (MORE)

Where is the rubicon?

The Rubicon was a river in northern Italy which no longer exists. It was the boundary of the Roman province of Gallia Cisalpina. It run from the Apennine Mountains to the Adr (MORE)

Why did Caesar cross the river rubicon?

Julius Caesar believed the omens received from the gods and theunfairness of Rome's Republic necessitated violating an ancientRoman law that forbade any general from crossing (MORE)

Can you put 2008 Rubicon wheels on a 2003 Rubicon?

YES ALL JEEPS SINCE 1989 HAVE SAME BOLT PATTERNS.. I Added: No you are wrong the Jeep YJ 1987-1995 and TJ 1997-2006 have the same bolt pattern. 5 on 4.5. The New JK Wrangler (MORE)

What is the rubicon?

The Rubicon is a river that Julius Ceaser crossed and entered into Rome. Which ultimately led to his dictatorship of the Roman Empire

What is a rubicon?

A model of Jeep made from'03- current. It has front and rear D44 axles with air lockers, as well as 4.10 gears (unless intentionally changed when ordering from factory in newe (MORE)

Why was the Rubicon river important?

The Rubicon river, in Caesar's time, was the boundary between Gaul and Italy. Caesar had been ordered by the senate to disband his army and come to Rome for trial. This was an (MORE)

Why did Julius Caesar march the rubicon?

Julius Caesar was the governor of the Roman province of Galia Cisalpina (northern Italy) whose border with the rest of Italy was the river Rubicon. The senate was afraid of hi (MORE)