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What does to cross the Rubicon mean?

Julius Caesar, the greatest of the Roman generals crossed the Rubicon, a river, and in doing so he made a decicive decision, there was no going back on what he had done. To cr (MORE)

How do i Replace starter Honda rubicon?

  remove plastic engine cover on right side of engine . on top of starter is the battery nut . remove carefully making sure the stud does not spin .  then remove 2 bolts (MORE)

What is the rubicon?

  The Rubicon is a river that Julius Ceaser crossed and entered into Rome. Which ultimately led to his dictatorship of the Roman Empire
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What does crossed the Rubicon mean?

Crossing the Rubicon is an expression meaning "no turning back." A similar expression is "burning your bridges." It means that once you do it, you have taken an irrevocable, p (MORE)

Where is the rubicon river?

The Rubicon river is in north east Italy. This river has gained a place in ancient history as it is said that Julius Caesar crossed this river on his way to Rome. He had one l (MORE)
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Why was it important that Caesar crossed the rubicon?

The Rubicon was/is a river in Northern Italy. The thing that made it important in this specific case was that atthe time it marked the boundary between Gaul, a province in th (MORE)

Why was it important that ceaser crossed the rubicon?

The River Rubicon was the boundary between the Roman province of  Gallia Cisalpina (in northern Italy), where Julius Caesar was the  governor, and Italy (which at the time d (MORE)