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Is mahaleo ruby real ruby?

Basically a Mahaleo ruby or glass filled ruby is a low quality ruby. Often the ruby has so many fractures that it appears opaque and brown instead of red. These fractures are (MORE)
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How do you get in folk?

if its abt the gang you get in by getting jumped by 4-6 ppl for 60 seconds
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What is folk narrative?

FOLK NARRATIVE -is a narrative handed down from generations to generations, and is spread either by printed books/writing or orally.

What is a folk song?

Folk Song   Folk song covers many musical styles but is usually referred to a narrative song that uses traditional melodies to speak on a particular topic. Topical folk so (MORE)
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What is folk law?

Do you mean "folklore" instead of "folk law"? Folklore is the collection of stories and beliefs in a culture that are generally transmitted orally and passed from generation (MORE)
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What are folk colors?

The Folk Nation is NOT a gang, they are a nation in which several gangs are under, such as the Gangster Disciples Nation, the Insane Gangster Satan Disciples Nation, & the La (MORE)

What is folk medicine?

These are remedies for illnesses that have been handed down from ancient times. Many of these remedies, while not being approved scientific treatments, (i.e. not part of moder (MORE)

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