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How long has Rudolf been pulling santas sleigh?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has been pulling the sleigh since 1964 on t.v. before that, sung about by Johnny Marks in a song based on the 1939 poem by his brother-in-law, R (MORE)

Who was Rudolf Hess in world war 2?

Until 1940, he was General Secretary of the NAZI Party, number 2 after Hitler.   After that, he made an attempt to fly to England to forge some kind of peace treaty only he (MORE)

What happened to Rudolf Hess after the war?

Rudolf Hess travelled to England in 1941 to try to broker peace with Great Britain; he offered that Germany should withdraw from most of what was then Nazi-occupied Europe in (MORE)
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Why did Rudolf rassendyll disquise himself as Rudolf elphberg?

Because the night before the coronation of Rudolf Elphberg, Elphberg drank a drugged wine which was given to him by his half brother Black Micheal. By the next morning he was (MORE)

Who is Rudolf Virchow?

From a farming family, Virchow studied chemistry in Berlin at the Military Academy of Prussia on a scholarship. When he graduated in 1842 he went to serve as Robert Froriep's (MORE)

Who was Rudolf Hoess and what was his role in the Final Solution?

Answer   The SS Commandant of Auschwitz from 1940-1943, Hoess was responsible for the death of more than one million prisoners. He was a veteran of WWI, and an early and (MORE)