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Where did Rudolph get his name?

Rudolph was originally created for the Montgomery Ward group in department stores. In 1939, Robert L. May, a copywriter for Montgomery Ward was asked to develop a Christmas st (MORE)

How did Wilma Rudolph get sick?

She was born prematurely, which was the main cause, and developed polio when she was 3. She got measles, mumps, chicken pox, and pneumonia two times when she was a child and h (MORE)

Was Wilma Rudolph a Christian?

yes she was a christain and she went to chruch every sunday some times she couldnt because she had champion ships
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Why was Wilma Rudolph crippled?

Wilma was born prematurely and weighed only 4.5 pounds. Again, because of racial segregation, she and her mother were not permitted to be cared for at the local hospital. It w (MORE)

Is Rudolph real?

Yes, Rudolph is real but its very complicated. Rudolph was santas reindeer, eventhough he got picked on by the other reindeers. Rudolph, friends & Santa Clause is real, But it (MORE)

Write a c program to implement Ackermann function?

include #include int ack(int,int); main() { int m,n; printf("Enter the value for m : "); scanf("%d",&m); printf("Enter the value for n : "); scanf("%d",&n); (MORE)

What did Wilhelm Ackermann contribute to math?

Wilhelm Friedrich Ackermann was a German mathematician best known for the Ackermann function, an important example in the theory of computation. Ackermann was awarded a Ph.D. (MORE)