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Where did Rudolph get his name?

Rudolph was originally created for the Montgomery Ward group in department stores. In 1939, Robert L. May, a copywriter for Montgomery Ward was asked to develop a Christmas st (MORE)
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Is josef ackermann Jewish?

Josef Ackermann is not Jewish.   He got a prestigious Herbert H. Lehman Award from American Jewish  Committee.   It doesn't mean he is Jewish.   African American (MORE)

Is Rudolph real?

Yes, Rudolph is real but its very complicated. Rudolph was santas reindeer, eventhough he got picked on by the other reindeers. Rudolph, friends & Santa Clause is real, But it (MORE)

Who is Rudolph?

  Rudolph is a fictional reindeer that helps to pull the sled of Santa Claus. It is said that Rudolph can fly and has a bright red nose that helps Santa navigate in bad cl (MORE)

What did Wilhelm Ackermann contribute to math?

Wilhelm Friedrich Ackermann was a German mathematician best known for the Ackermann function, an important example in the theory of computation. Ackermann was awarded a Ph.D. (MORE)

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