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Where did Rudolph get his name?

Rudolph was originally created for the Montgomery Ward group in department stores. In 1939, Robert L. May, a copywriter for Montgomery Ward was asked to develop a Christmas st (MORE)

Is Rudolph real?

Yes, Rudolph is real but its very complicated. Rudolph was santas reindeer, eventhough he got picked on by the other reindeers. Rudolph, friends & Santa Clause is real, But it (MORE)

Who is Rudolph?

  Rudolph is a fictional reindeer that helps to pull the sled of Santa Claus. It is said that Rudolph can fly and has a bright red nose that helps Santa navigate in bad cl (MORE)

What is the Rudolph song?

The Rudolph Song: Rudolph the red nose reindeer (reindeer) Had a very shiny nose And if you ever saw it (saw it) You would even say it glows (like a light bulb) When all the o (MORE)

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