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Who is buried at the hotel des invalides in Paris?

The tomb of Napoleon I is central to Les Invalides, surrounded by those of:. his son, the King of Rome (or, to a Bonapartist, Napoleon II). his brothers Joseph and Jérome (MORE)

How do I get to Charles de Gaulle Airport from Paris?

From Paris to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport is about 30 km. You can travel by car, taxi, bus or fast train. Buses and trains take about an hour and cost between 8 and 17 (MORE)

What is Clous de Paris?

Clous de Paris literally means 'nails of Paris', but in fact it's the name of a new product line (or collection) of watches created by the Swiss watchmaker Longines - the minu (MORE)
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Organ of Notre Dame de Paris?

  There are two. First, the one in the gallery at the West end:   Built by Thierry in 1733, amended by Clicuot in 1788. Completely rebuilt by Cavaillée-Coll in 1867, i (MORE)

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