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What is a Scandinavian rug?

  Its called "rya". Its a handwoven rug.   The name originates from a village in Sweden and it can also refer to a particular breed of sheep whose wool is used to make (MORE)
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Is a rug pad necessary for a large rug?

A rug pad is not mandatory. However, if placing a large rug on wood or tile floors, the pad will protect the floor underneath from spills and dirt being ground in. It will als (MORE)
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What is a rug made out of?

Rugs, specifically area and Oriental rugs, are typically made of a wool pile knotted onto a cotton foundation. Other materials used to make rugs include silk, cotton, camel ha (MORE)

Was president Hoover a consistent supporter of rugged individualism?

    Yes, he did stay consistent in his support of "rugged individualism." If we look at some of his actions during his presidency we can see that he did not abandon t (MORE)

What does 'rugged' mean?

Rugged- Having a bumpy, battered uneven surface. "Despite the rugged coastline, the view and beauty was stunning."
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What rhymes with rug?

  bug   mug   chug   bug. dug. hug. jug. lug. mug. pug. tug. thug. shrug. chug. drug. plug. Bug,tug,hug,mug,jug,,

What are Navajo rugs?

Navajo rugs are those which are woven by the Navajo people in the  American Southwest. These rugs are always kelims or flatweave rugs  which do not have a pile. They are wov (MORE)

How do you Get chocolate out of a rug?

all you have to do is wet it and get a comb and keep brushing it until it comes out if you have a carpet that stains esaly try peonut butter. that might sound crazy but that i (MORE)
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What types of rugs does Nourison Rugs make?

Nourison Rugs makes luxury handmade broadloom, rollrunner and area rugs. Their rugs are popular with celebrities and feature many different colors and artistic patterns.
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