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What is rumen?

it is the first part of the stomach where your food goes       INCORRECT.     It's one of the stomach chambers in ruminant animals, like cows. Humans do not (MORE)

What is a goat's rumen?

The rumen acts as a big fermentation vat. Bacteria and protozoa in the rumen supply enzymes to break down the fiber in the goat's feed. This is similar to how bacteria can fer (MORE)

What are the microorganisms of the rumen?

The microorganisms found in the rumen of a ruminant animal consist  of the following:    Bacteria  Protozoa  Fungi  Bacteriophage (bacteria virus)  Mycoplasmas  Me (MORE)

What does the cow's rumen do?

The rumen is a large fermentation vat where bacteria and protozoa thrive and breakdown feeds to obtain nutrients for their purpose. It is the first stomach in the group of fou (MORE)

How does a rumen work?

The rumen contains bacteria and protozoa that have the ability to digest plant material such as cellulose and fibre. The rumen also contracts in two waves which allows the mat (MORE)