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What are the rings around Saturn made of?

Saturn's rings are made of tiny pieces of frozen ice and rock. There are about a thousand rings around Saturn, but they are made of decaillions of pieces. From Earth you can (MORE)

What is the origin of ring around the rosie?

The first recorded version of Ring A Ring Of Roses dates to 1881, when it appeared in Kate Greenaway's edition of Mother Goose: Ring-a-ring-a-roses, A pocket full of posies (MORE)

What is the ring around the moon?

A "ring" around the Moon is caused by moonlight being diffracted by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.
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What is the big ring around the moon?

once upon a time it was believed that a ring around the moon indicated bad weather coming. Depending on the season, either snow or rain and the amount of the stars within the (MORE)

What color are the rings around Uranus?

The colors of the 13 rings on Uranus is gray and the color of ice,( blue ). The reason why they came up to that color is that astronomers believed that their was a moon that b (MORE)

What does ring-around-the-rosie mean?

Ring around the Rosie means the symptons the people would get who had 'the black death' A ring a ring rosies (they wore roses around there neck to ward of the sickness) a (MORE)

Why doesn't the earth have a ring around it?

It used to, but most of it formed to make the moon, whilst some was removed by meteors and comets passing very close to the Earth in the chaotic Hadean As long as there is a (MORE)