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What was the origin of Ring around a Rosy?

This nursery rhyme was originally composed about the Black Death. The posey in your pocket was an ineffective protection used in the middle ages. Ashes, because corpses were b (MORE)
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What planet does not have rings around it?

The planets with rings are typically the gas planets, which are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The rings are usually just substances such as ice, rock, and dust. With t (MORE)

What does the song ring around the rosies?

They made that song during the black plague Posies were common flowers put on top of a dead person after he/she died to keep the smell away and When they say ashes ashes durin (MORE)
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What is the ring around Saturn made of?

The rings that surround Saturn are mainly made of ice particles, rocky debris and dust.
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How do you remove ring around the collar?

 "It's not a cute site.. "Ring-Around-The-Collar"  Those Horrible, Ugly Stains Actually Ruin Your Interview, Lose You The Deal and Disgust  Your Significant Other...Is It! (MORE)
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Why is there a ring around the sun sometimes?

  The "ring" is called a halo. It is caused by light being reflected and refracted by ice crystals located in high altitude clouds.
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Where does ring around the rosie come from and what is it about?

The first recorded version of Ring A Ring Of Roses dates to 1881, when it appeared in Kate Greenaway's edition of Mother Goose: Ring-a-ring-a-roses, A pocket full of posies (MORE)

What does it mean when there is a ring around the sun?

During certain weather conditions, a halo is visible as a ring around the sun (or even the moon). This is due to atmospheric phenomena, indicating there are storms nearby. The (MORE)

What does the ring around a cross mean?

The Christian cross with a ring around it is taken directly from the Pagan symbol of the zodiac. In Paganism the sun is always depicted in the center of the diagram. Hence, (MORE)

What is the ring around your pupil called?

The colored bit is called the iris, and is actually a muscle. it expands and contracts to make the pupil (black bit) either smaller or larger, depending how much light there i (MORE)