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How fast do wild horses run?

Horses can run pretty fast. They can go up to 45-55 mph if they really go at. In fact, the fastest Quarter Horse ever was clocked at 57 mph. - thi (MORE)

How fast can a wild dog run?

It depends on what kind of wild dog. African wild dogs can run 50 mph. Most large domesticated dogs like a Labrador can run 35 mph. The fastest domesticated dogs like the grey (MORE)

1.What is the book running wild about?

  There is more than one book called "Running Wild". But if you're thinking of the one by J.G. Ballard, Its about a murder mystery written in the form of a diary by a (MORE)

How fast can wild horses run?

The speed of a wild or feral horse will vary according to terrain, why it's running, and even weather conditions. But on average they will run at about 18-20 MPH.
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Where do horses run wild?

There is only one true remaining wild horse, the Asiatic Wild horse which roams the Steppe lands of Russia/Asia. There are however many 'feral' horses running lose in America, (MORE)

How fast can a wild mustang run?

It depends on who is chasing him. At his fastest he can go 40 to 50 mph.
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