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What is running?

Running is a means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. It is simply defined in athletics terms as a gait in which at regular ( Full Answer )
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What is run-out?

the radial variation of a true circle.. the radial variation of a true circle.. the radial variation of a true circle.. the radial variation of a true circle.
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Why do you run?

To be real, running is just to feel better. It boosts energy andrelieves stress. It's a competition with yourself to see how faryou can push yourself. It also gives people a t ( Full Answer )
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What does running do to you?

Running has numerous benefits: it is the best exercise for weight loss, it is also the best exercise for stress relief.
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Where do you run?

In a standard running field and sometimes parks , the best choice is Running field.
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What to do if you get runs?

Well if you have diarrhoea then you can take a tablet to keep the runs in and sucking a mint can help
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When can you run?

run in the day time it'll keep u on track .Don't run in the night and do not forget to do your stretches
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What to do after running?

drink lots of watter and streach soyour body dont hurt the next morning and rest
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You do this after a run?

One of the things you do after a run is a post run warm down. Otherthings include drinking water, having a snack, and showering arealso things done after a run.
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What do you do after a run?

After a run eat a small recovery meal of protein for example apiece of fruit. Then focus on hydration and consume 16-32 ounces ofwater. Warm down properly to strengthen your b ( Full Answer )