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What is rural transformation?

Rural transformation refers to the process of improving both the  social and economic conditions in rural areas. This generally  includes making things like shopping, bankin (MORE)

What is rural decline?

Rural decline basically means that the population in rural areas  has decreased. This usually happens when cities offer more jobs and  people move from the rural area to the (MORE)

What is rural finance?

Rural finance is special funds that are available for rural  development. These funds can be used for housing, agriculture, and  other rural business opportunities.

What is rural credit?

  rural credit is a small amount of money which give to the poor peopls including small scale farmers and unemployed person as loan to start there own work by development (MORE)

What is a rural couple?

Two people who live far from the city... in other words, out in the country.
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What does rural mean?

Rural Relates to" the country", farming or agriculture. This means in the country, not many houses.
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What is Rural Indebtedness?

Indebtedness has been acknowledged as one of the most infamous stumbling blocks in the way of rural prosperity. It is cancerous, self-perpetuating, malignant and maleficent. I (MORE)