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What is rural credit?

rural credit is a small amount of money which give to the poor peopls including small scale farmers and unemployed person as loan to start there own work by development banks (MORE)

What is a rural novel?

A rural novel is one that takes place in a rural setting, that has themes, characters, and plot elements that revolve around rural concerns. Rural means: non-urban, non-suburb (MORE)
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What is a rural commumity?

a rural community is a place were houses are it's also a place were mostly might be farm, rural is also outside cities!

What is rural of hotel?

Hotel, it doesn't change. Some Hotels, specifically set up for self parking close to your room, refer to themselves as Motor-Hotels or Motels for short. An older term for H (MORE)
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What is rural Ireland?

Rural Ireland is everywhere outside the main cities and large towns. Basically it is the countryside. Urban areas are the large towns and cities.

How is rural housing?

Rural housing is mainly made by natural resources like soil, woods,grass etc. cause lack of construction material.