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Who were Russian?

Russians are peoples consisting of Europeans, Eurasians & Asians living on the eastern boundary of Europe, and extending to the pacific ocean.
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After you in Russian?

Literally, 'posle vas!' (после вас!). But usually the Russians don't say anything - instead they just use a hand to point.
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How did the Russians get there?

Ruusians got there by migrating eveywhere and they were really dumb because a lot of ppl got killed
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What is the Russian for Russian friend?

Russian for "Russian friend" is русский друг, pronounced ROOS-ski drook If you want to spell it English, you can write russkiy drug
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What is in Russian?

if you are talking about a white Russian its khalua, heavy whipping cream or milk, and vodka
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Are Carpatho-Russians considered Russian?

Well, firstly, there are no such people as Carpatho-Russians. Carpathic region is divided between Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. No, Slavs living in Carpathic regions ( Full Answer )
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What is how are you in Russian?

"�ак дела?" is the equivalent translation of "How are you?"into Russian. It is pronounced "kak dela?" with an emphasis on th ( Full Answer )
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How do you say Russian princess in Russian?

Daughter of a Tsar (Russian king) is called Tsarevna (Царевна). After the middle of the 18th century, the term has been changed to Velikaya Kniaginya (Gr ( Full Answer )
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Who were the white Russians in the Russian revolution?

The White Russians followed the Czar, Nicholas II. This was comprised of Loyalists and cossacks. The Red Russians, were part of the Red Army lead by the communist Bolsheviks, ( Full Answer )
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What is the Russian word for a Russian cottage?

the dacha (дача) is a Russian cottage. many Russians from the middle class up have these somewhere outside of a city. these country homes are popular for hosting ( Full Answer )