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What are the similarities between Russian language and bulgarian language?

They are both Slavic languages and use the same alphabet, Cyrillic, which helps a lot in understanding words. Also Bulgarian is the closest language to old church slavonic, n (MORE)
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Is Russian a difficult language to learn?

Not really, because if you are into it, you can do it without to much effort! Good luck!
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Which language is easier to speak Russian or French?

Both French and Russian have sounds that are not found in English, so an English speaker will have to learn how to pronounce these sounds. It is difficult for an English speak (MORE)

How hard is Russian language to learn?

According to many, English is the most difficult language to learn.  Although, in my opinion, if your native tongue is Latin-based, it  can be difficult to learn languages w (MORE)
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What does bydet mean in Russian language?

Well, you see a problem when transliterating, going from one  alphabet to another.   I will make an assumption about the word you're curious about. The  Russians have a (MORE)