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How do you spell cat in the Russian language?

KOT - masculine, pronounced as it sounds   KOshKA - feminine, pronounced koshka with the stress on the first syllable - i have put the 'sh' in lower case as this wont let m (MORE)

What language is closer to the Russian language?

The closest language to Russian is probably either Ukranian,  Belarus, Bulgarian, or Serbian.    Ukrainian, Belarussian, and Rusyn (arguably a dialect) are the  close (MORE)

How many words in Russian language?

Use caution. The following answers are just opinions. In truth, it is not possible to count the words of any language, because there is no universal definition of what a word (MORE)
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Is Ukrainian the same as Russian language?

No. Both are eastern Slavic languages. While there are similarities between the languages, they are distinct. In many parts of Ukraine Russian, or a Russian-Ukrainian creole (MORE)
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How did the Russian language originate?

The Russian language originated from the early Proto-Slavic language, just like all the other Slavic languages (Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Bulgarian and so on), so in (MORE)