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What is a rutabaga?

A RUTABAGA IS AN edible root in the vegetable family. It is white/yellowish in color and is usually about the size of a softball or larger. Most times it is sold with a thin p (MORE)

Is a rutabaga related to a turnip?

Cross Between a Cabbage and a Turnip . \nThis cabbage-family root vegetable resembles a large (3 to 5 inches in diameter) turnip and, in fact, is thought to be a cross betw (MORE)

What is rutabaga?

The rutabaga (swede turnip; yellow turnip; or neep) is a rootvegetable that originated as a cross between the cabbage and theturnip. It can be roasted, baked or boiled.

Can rabbits eat rutabaga?

Rabbits can eat rutabaga (also known as "swede") greens (the green tops), but they shouldn't eat the root vegetable itself; some sources also recommend limiting the greens bec (MORE)

What is rutabagas?

They are a Yellow Turnip, also referred to as a Swedish turnip. They are often peeled, and prepared like Mashed potatoes. They have more of a yellow/brownish color compared (MORE)
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How do you prepare a rutabaga?

Peel the skin away, then slice the flesh into strips or cubes and boil until tender.

What do you eat rutabaga with?

It is quite common to eat it on its own, a niceway to enjoy it would be mashed here is a nice recipe to make mashed rutabaga. As a side dish you can serve it whenever you mig (MORE)