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Who was Ruth?

Ruth was a Moabitess who left behind the paganism of her home nation to follow the God of Israel. She was married in Moab to the Israelite, Mahlon. When she was widowed, she s (MORE)

What did Ruth do in The Bible?

Ruth is an amazing woman of the Bible....after her husband died, her widow mother-in-law, Naomi was going to let her and her sister-in-law go back to their country, because th (MORE)

Who was Montgomery?

BERNARD LAW MONTGOMERY, (1887-1976), British field marshal, who was one of the leading Allied commanders of WORLD WAR II . Of Ulster stock, he was born in London on Nov. 17, 1 (MORE)

Who was ruths father?

moabite Ruth's father was from the tribe of Moab (a moabite) that's all the Bible says about Ruth's parentage. But Ruth marries Boaz they have a son Obed who later becomes t (MORE)

Who is Ruth putnam?

She is the Daughter of Thomas and Mrs. Ann Putnam. She is ill and her mother thinks it is due to evil falling on the town of Salem. She is one of the girls caught dancing in t (MORE)

Who is Ruth?

Ruth is the main character from the book of Ruth, from the old  testament of the bible. She is a Moabite woman that marries one of  Naomi's son's. All of Naomi's sons die an (MORE)

Who is Ruth griffin?

Ruth Griffin is an Irish Model who works for the assets agency in dublin and the Holeman Lee agency in Limerick. She married Ireland and Munster flanker Alan Quinlan in Co.Ti (MORE)