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What is rock and rye?

Rock and Rye is an infusion of citrus fruits and sweetened rye whiskey. Probably started out in saloons and taverns where some of the cut fruits at the end of the day were thr (MORE)

What is rye?

Rye is a type of whiskey thet is made from a mash that is at least 51% rye, other ingredients of the massh may be corn and malted barley. Rye is a grass, the seeds of which ar (MORE)

Is rye whiskey gluten free?

Yep - distilled alcoholic beverages such as gin, vodka, scotch whisky and rye whiskey are made from the fermentation of wheat, barley or rye. Since they are distilled, they do (MORE)

What are Rye breads?

Rye breads are made with a mixture of rye flour and wheat flour because rye flour by itself does not possess the chemical properties necessary to produce a leavened product
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Where is rye grown?

Rye is grown wild in central and eastern Turkey and also is grown in Northern, Central and Northern Europe
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What is the difference between whiskey and whiskey?

Whisky is the kind traditionally produced in Scotland, while whiskey is any other type. Whiskey is distilled in Ireland, whisky in Scotland Here is a good article explaining (MORE)

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What is wheat and rye?

Wheat and rye are like brothers in the wheat family. Although rye  is more organic and is the most healthiest grain you will eat. Even  though you might see whole wheat in b (MORE)