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Why do rattlesnakes rattle?

It is there defense or warning to larger animals to keep from being stepped on. One theory is that the rattlesnake developed this appendage while bison roamed in the millions (MORE)

What is the death rattle?

  As far as know, the 'death rattle' is generally a fluid buildup in the back of the throat. People who are dying, their relaxes are slower and they most generally do not (MORE)

What snake rattles but does not have a rattle?

Many different non venomous snakes will rattle their tails against leaves and dry grass to make a "rattle" noise to try to fool an potential predator. Making this noise will p (MORE)

Why does a bat rattle?

A bat rattles because the inner wall is breaking down. It's very  typical for a 100% composite bat to rattle for this reason. In most  cases, it does not affect the bat perf (MORE)

How do rattlesnakes rattle?

The sections at the end of their tail are hollow and loosely connected to each other. The Rattlesnake vibrates its tail when annoyed or disturbed - causing the loose sections (MORE)

Why does a rattle snake rattle their tail?

Rattle snakes have a limited amount of venom and it takes precious nutrients and energy to produce it. Thus a snake would prefer to use it only when hunting for prey rather th (MORE)

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Why does the rattlesnake have a rattle?

It's a warning mechanism. Venom is only produced in relatively small quantities, and is not continually made. Therefore, it's in the snakes best interest to only use venom as (MORE)