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Who is Sable?

Sable (Rena Lesnar) is a former WWF wrestler, born RenaGreek , August 8, 1967. Her third husband is Brock Lesnar.
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What is a sable fur?

Sable fur is fur of the Sable which is a member of the Marten species as are the weasel, mink and wolverine. They are omnivorous animals that live in Russia, northern Mongolia (MORE)

What rhymes with sable?

abel able actual aerial agile aisle amble ample anal angel angle ankle annual annul anvil apple April artful aural austral awful axal axil axle babble babel baffle b (MORE)

What does 'sable' mean?

The sable is an animal in the same family as the martin, mink, otter, badger, wolverine, and weasel. It is native to Russia, China, and Scandinavia and is valued for it's fur. (MORE)

What is a sable antelope?

A sable antelope is a large antelope, Latin name Hippotragusniger , native to eastern and southern Africa.
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