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Why do you use the sackcloth for Lent?

Sack Cloth and ashes are used in the Old Testament for mourning,  submission. Ninevah is an example where for 40 days-the length of  Lent-all citizens & the King worn sack c (MORE)

What does sackcloth mean in the bible?

SACKCLOTH was a coarse cloth used in making sacks, or bags, such as those for containing grain. It was usually woven from goat's hair of a dark color. (Re 6:12; Isa 50:3) The (MORE)

How many times is sackcloth and ashes mentioned bible?

In the King James version the word - sackcloth - appears 46 times the word - sackclothes - appears once and the word - ash - appears once the word - ashes - appears (MORE)

What is operation rose in ashes to ashes?

Operation Rose is mentioned all the way through series 2 and in the final episode of series 2 we find out that its the gold bullion job of 1982 (although it is completely fict (MORE)

Can you receive Ashes after Ash Wednesday?

Of course, Ashes are a sacramental used to remind the faithful of death and the necessity of penance and contrition. The use of ashes, expressing humiliation and sorrow, was c (MORE)