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What is penance?

  Penance is when you are sorry for your sins and you do something to show how sorry you are. For example if you stole your sister's cookie you might bake her a cake, say (MORE)

What sacraments are Penance and anointing of the sick?

Penance is also known as confession, so the sacrament of Penence refers to the first (and the subsequent) occasion on which a child makes their first Confession - which pretty (MORE)

How the old story of people being connected to God by a string is related to the sacrament of Penance?

Sacrament of Penance is a church made doctrine and therefore man made. It is all about repentance; confession; atonement; absolution and voluntary self-punishment in order to (MORE)

Why did Martin Luther eliminate the sacrament of Penance?

He didn't. He held to the Catholic teaching in this matter. But he did change it. Instead of the Catholic teaching that it consisted of three parts (Contrition, Confession/Abs (MORE)

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How is the Sacrament of Penance carried out in the Roman Catholic Church?

Private confession is usually done with a screen between the penitent and the priest, although it may sometimes be done face to face. The priest begins by making the sign of t (MORE)
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Why do you do penance?

Well the reason you do penance is because once you go to confession the priest resolves you of your sins so