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Does the sacred heart diet work?

Sure it works I tried it for 7 days, I did not loose 10 pounds as the diet states that you would if you don't cheat, well I lost 7 pounds and no, I did not cheat. I'm good wit (MORE)

What is the meaning of the Sacred Heart?

Sacred Heart       The Sacred Heart is a devotional name used by some Roman Catholics to refer to the physical heart of Jesus Christ as a symbol of Divine love. (MORE)

What does a sacred heart tattoo symbolize?

The Sacred Heart is a religious devotion to Jesus' physical heart as the representation of the divine love for humanity.   I have a sacred (or "eternal flame") heart tattoo (MORE)

What is the spirituality of the Sacred Heart?

Sacred heart is a catholic term. I am born again & think of a sacred heart one that is in touch with the holy spirit & line with the bible. Another answer: The Sacred Heart (MORE)

Who has a sacred heart tattoo?

Lots of people as its a fairly common tattoo, however it is usually connected with a deep personal meaning. If you are thinking of getting a sacred haert tattoo then you shoul (MORE)

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How does the sacred heart diet work?

The sacred diet works by eating a fat-burning soup every day. Your allowed to eat as much soup as you want during the diet, but not much else. This soup is made of tomatoes, g (MORE)