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How old was Sadako Sasaki when she died?

It was the aftereffect of the atomic bomb that fell on her country when she was only a baby. Sadako was 12 when she died. It was a very tragic death, that's why her classmates (MORE)

Who is Sadako Sasaki?

Sadako Sasaki was living Hiroshima. Sadako was two years old at the  time of the bombing and miraculously her and both of her parents  lived through the attack, 3 of the few (MORE)

What does Sadako mean?

  Sadako would translate as "Chaste Child" "Sada" meaning chaste, and Ko meaning child. 貞 = Sada 子 = Ko
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How did Sadako Sasaki die?

Sadako Sasaki was a victim of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan, in August, 1945. But she lived for 10 years after the bombing and died at the age of 12 on October 25 (MORE)

What did sadako call the atomic bomb?

well,first off..he called the atomic bomb something important in history and important in real life.i dont really know what she called the atomic bomb..BUT she called cancer t (MORE)
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Why did sadako develop leukemia?

She developed leukemia because of the radiation from the atomic bomb dropped by the United States during WW2.
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