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What is the affiliation of sadomasochism to flagellation?

This is a very long answer sorry....... During the Middle Ages, various ascetic sects within the Mediterranean and Hibernian world adopted the practice of flagellation; ritua (MORE)

What is sadomasochism?

Sadism used as a sexual term describes a person who takes pleasure in inflicting some form of humiliation or pain on a person, usually consenting, with the intention of sexual (MORE)
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Sadomasochism or abuse what's the difference?

Abuse is often thought of by people as inflicting pain on an unwilling being or beings with the intention to cause physical or psychological harm to said being. Sadism used a (MORE)
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Meaning of sadomasochism?

Interaction (especially sexual activity) in which one person enjoys INFLICTING SUFFERING (either physical or mental) on another person, who derives pleasure from experiencing (MORE)

What is the difference between dominant and submissive and sadomasochism?

Dominance/submission is an element within the practice of sadomasochism. In a Dom/sub (sometimes written as D/s - BIG "D", little "s") relationship the Dom is the boss (Maste (MORE)

Does anybody remember a dance routine with Paul and Isabelle Duchesnay that looked quite unusual it had elements of sadomasochism in it at the Olympics?

All of their routines were quite unusual but none of them contained such elements :-). They participated at the Olympics in 1988 with dance called "Savage Rite" and in the 199 (MORE)

Is sadomasochism domestic violence?

No it isn't. In sadomasochism, the 'bottom' can stop it at anytime, the person consents to it and feels a sense of pride and closeness to the 'top' after. This is the opposite (MORE)