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Is safe sex really safe?

Answer . The short answer is "No." There is only "safer sex." For sexually transmitted diseases, using a condom will reduce your risk TREMENDOUSLY, but will not make it dis ( Full Answer )
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How can you be safe?

You can be safe by wearing a helmet picking up after your self so no one trips over it.
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How safe is Yahoo and what makes it safe?

Well, Yahoo is a site that many people use all around the world, and it is safe. You have to be careful with what information you decide to share though.
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Is safe links safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. There are two choices. Discount on your land line or a free cellphone with limited minutes a month free. You will need proof you receive medicaid o ( Full Answer )
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Is graphite safe for a safe lock?

no it is not I second the statement. NEVER use graphite on a combination lock on a safe. If your dial is hard to turn, you most likely have an internal mechanical proble ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to safe it?

Well,if your talking about getting an abortion , you really can't,but if you really want to save the baby then you could give birth to the child,then put it up for adoption. ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe to be safe?

it is safe to enjoy life. its safe SAFE SAFE SAFE BOLD ROCKS::::::::":: LIKE REALLYLY
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Is safed the past tense of safe?

No, the word safe can only be used as a noun and an adjective. Only verbs have tenses. The past tense of save is saved.
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What is a safe mode and how do you get into safe mode?

Safe Mode is a configuration on Windows that loads only basic, core drivers. Assuming that Windows is not beyond repair and that all hardware is functioning properly, Safe Mod ( Full Answer )
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What is a safe?

A safe is a box, usually made of metal, in which certain items canbe secured.