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Is sibutramine safe?

was safe and well tolerated in this patient population for the 52 weeks of the study
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Is myfreepaysite safe?

If you find explicit sexual content to be of concern when  determining whether or not a site is "safe," then no. By visiting  this site you, and/or your family, will be in g (MORE)

Is foopets safe?

Considering viruses, yes. FooPets has no viruses and I have had absolutely no problem with it. The off-communication, yes. The features are appropriate. The community, dep (MORE)
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Is graphite safe for a safe lock?

no it is not I second the statement. NEVER use graphite on a combination lock on a safe. If your dial is hard to turn, you most likely have an internal mechanical problem - (MORE)

Is woozworld safe?

Yes Woozworld is safe, but if someone is bothering. By bullying or swearing report them by clicking there person and clicking the report button. Don't ever lie in a report as (MORE)

What is safe tourism?

Safe will be when you don't travel all alone, you consider buying  travel insurance with full coverage and try to plan everything in  advance. Where you go hiking, where you (MORE)

Is safe links safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. There are two choices. Discount on your land line or a free cellphone with limited minutes a month free. You will need proof you receive medicaid o (MORE)

Is LimeWire safe?

I don't think so. Aside from hackers it slows down your computer. No Limewire is not safe at all because it can get you BSD ( Blue Screen Of Death) Keep away from it it will (MORE)

Is the A380 safe?

it is getting bad publicity right now but yes it is safe... if it was on 1 engine it could do a 8 hour trip and with no engines it cuold go 200 miles without losing altitude.. (MORE)
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Is copytrans safe?

Yes. There are several resources that justify that it is indeed safe and free. You can see just some of the site links if you search Yahoo Answers; as this question is asked b (MORE)