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How do I cultivate saffron?

  Saffron is the dried bright red stigmas of the flower Crocus sativus, which is fairly easy to grow. It needs cold winters and warm dry summers. It takes a lot of work to (MORE)

What is a saffron substitute?

  Apparently there is no real substitute for Saffron; however, there are two reasonable replacement options: you can go to a Mexican grocery store and use "Mexican Saffron (MORE)

Why is saffron expensive?

      The saffron crocus are the dried stigmas of the flower itself. Each flower only produces three of these and the are so fragile that they have to be collecte (MORE)

What is saffron seasoning?

Hi, Saffron is one of those ingredients that is rare and expensive enough that not everyone has tasted it. The two dishes that come to mind are yellow rice and paella. Saffron (MORE)

What is a saffron thread?

Saffron is a yellow spice used to color and flavor foods like rice, used a lot in Indian dishes. It comes from a plant that produces threads. The threads can be purchased in s (MORE)
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What is saffron bread?

It is a spice which is grown on a crocus (saffron crocus), it is picked off the plant and can be used for milk flavouring, bread, cakes, tarts and many more
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Who is saffron hanvidge?

Saffron Hanvidge is a fiddler and Gaelic singer. She is from the  United Kingdom and had recently performed at a political event with  politician Rob Gibson.