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How do you get to saffron?

go to celadon city and you'll see a guy who says his tongue is hot because of the coffee or something like that,go to the building just beside that guy and then go up and left (MORE)

What is saffron seasoning?

Hi, Saffron is one of those ingredients that is rare and expensive enough that not everyone has tasted it. The two dishes that come to mind are yellow rice and paella. Saffron (MORE)

How do you get into Saffron City?

in heartgold and soulsilver, {you dont have to defeat vermillion gym} just go to the route above vermillion and battle trainers or walk through tall grass you keep heading nor (MORE)

What is a saffron dish?

  Yellow rice.   Also,I used to work as a cook for an Iranian woman. One of the most requested dishes on her menu was "Chicken Cabobs".We would marinate quartered chick (MORE)
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How do you get to Giovanni in saffron?

you have to go into the company find the key card, and open up a door that will lead you to battle you rival first, then you will battle Giovanni and the you will get a master (MORE)

What is the saffron?

Saffron is an herb obtained from the fall crocus blossom (Crocussativus.) It consists of tiny orange threads that are actually theflower' s stigmas.
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