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What is the safir simpion scale?

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale . The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is a 1-5 rating based on the hurricane's present intensity. This is used to give an estimate of the p (MORE)

Where do you find the safire in Pokemon LeafGreen?

on island seven at the tinoby ruins. you have to use cut at the steel ruin cave and just go in and find the sapphire. you have to fall through holes so its just trial and erro (MORE)
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How do you get to battle tower in safire?

after you beat the elite four you appear at your house. talk to your dad and he will give you the ferry ticket from Mr. Briney, who you helped in the beginning. don't forget t (MORE)
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Is Pokemon safire on DS?

No. It's on Gameboy Advance. But you can still insert the game into your gameslot under the touch screen and play it on your ds.
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How do you get all the regis in safire?

It's a long process... 1) Make sure you have a Relicanth and Wailord in your party and someone in your party knows HMDig and HMDive. 2) Go to Route 134. There is a certain di (MORE)