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In-N-Out is a popular food chain in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. It is extremely busy all the time where I live. It is one of the healthiest fast food places of all (MORE)

Who is Gunnar N?

I am Gunnar N. I'm the sole recording artist of the project "Darks Pandemonium", an artist, a writer and poet, musician and boom-man in the film industry. I had my name lega (MORE)

What does the N stand for in 0.02 N acid?

 The N of 0.02 N acid stands for the  "normality".  The normality is defined as the gram  equivalent weight of a substance in a liter of solution.   so, a 0.02 acid w (MORE)

What you meant by N?

N refers to nitrogen in most cases in chemistry.    When it is used prefixed in a chemical formula, for example:    N-methylaminoethane    it means that t (MORE)

What is N-level?

The "General Certificate of Education 'Normal' Level Examination", otherwise known as the "GCE 'N' Level" or the "'N' Levels", are examinations conducted annually in Singapore (MORE)

Who is N N Murthy?

He is a Professor and world-known Environmentalist. He is Quality, Environment, Human Resources Expert. He is highly qualified with 29 degrees from 21 Universities, Limca Reco (MORE)
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What is an N Woo?

An N Woo is a rare creature that lives in Corona, CA. They usually  wear purple glasses (though many mistake them for blue) and eat a  lot.