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What is the physical geography of the Sahara?

Considered as a whole, the Sahara is a rather low plateau with an uplifted center that has several mountainous areas. Elevations over much of the Sahara average only 1,000 to (MORE)
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Where was Sahara filmed?

Morocco; Delta Del Ebro, Tarragona, Cataluna, Spain; Hawley Lake, Hampshire, England; Pyestock NGTE, Farnborough, Hampshire, England; Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, E (MORE)

Why did the Sahara dry out?

Because there isn't enough rainfall.   Josiah C. Answered at 5/1/2015: Most scientists  believe the Sahara dried up due to a change in the Earth's orbit,  which affects (MORE)
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How hot does the Sahara get?

The Sahara Desert can get up to 58 ºC (136.4 ºF), which was the record set in Libya in 1922. Summer daytime temperatures over 50ºC are not uncommon.
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Why is the Sahara a desert?

It is desert due to lack of water, lack of farmable land, the type of flora and fauna that live there, climate, and vast amounts of sand. It gets very hot in the day and cold (MORE)

Is there oil in the Sahara?

I think so, oil can be found near some of the major deserts in the world. In Texas, Central Asia and the Arabian desert (which technically is part of the Sahara system) I beli (MORE)