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What pulley raises sails on boats?

A pulley doesn't raise or hoist sails. A pulley is just a wheel  that eases a change in direction of a rope. It is a rope that  hoists or raises sails. A rope for this purpo (MORE)

How do boats sail into the wind?

  Sailboats have large sails that are shaped like airplane wings, only sticking straight up. When air moves over the sail, lower pressure is created on one side, and highe (MORE)
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What is a grinder on a sailing boat?

A grinder is a person whose job on a boat is to use the winches  to pull in, let out, haul up or bring down sails. It is the most  physically demanding job on a yacht. 
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What holds up a sail on a boat?

A mast. Although it is attached to a mast the thing that holds a sail up is a halyard. a mast is something that pushes the boat with wind and the reason its called a mast i (MORE)
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What boats are sailed on college sailing teams?

colleges race a wide variety of boats. The main boats include: 420s - 2 person, 2 sails, spinnaker FJs- 2 person, 2 sails (smaller and lighter than a 420), no spinnakerTech (MORE)

What type of hull does a sail boat have?

A sailboat whether it's single hull (one hull) or a multi-hull (more than one hull) can be made of different material. The majority of today's sailboats however are made from (MORE)

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