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What is the maximum speed of a sailboat?

Answer   Maximum Speed of a Single-Hull Displacement Boat Hull Speed = 1.34 x the square root of the LWL LWL: length of the hull at the waterline.   Please not (MORE)

How do you properly anchor a sailboat offshore?

  You need to carefully choose a spot that is protected from wind and waves. Look for a smooth and even bottom, ideally no deeper than 15 feet. To properly anchor, you mus (MORE)
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When is it best to motor on a sailboat?

  Simple answer is whenever it is impractical to use the sails. This may because there is no wind, the boat is short-handed, the boat is close to other boats in a marina, (MORE)
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What is a dodger on a sailboat?

A dodger is a frame-supported canvas structure partially protecting  a helmsman and other occupants in the cockpit of a sailboat from  harsh weather and seas. It covers part (MORE)
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Do sailboats have motors?

  Yes most ones with cabins (or places to sleep on the inside) do. Sailboats have motors just in case something happens to the sail.
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How did sailboats change over time?

they changed because first they had little sails, they were made of wood and they were only about 15 feet long. now they are over 100 feet long, and they are made of steel.
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What pulleys are in a sailboat?

A pulley is a wheel on an axle or shaft that is designed to support  movement and change of direction of a cable or belt along its  circumference. A sailboat have a number o (MORE)

What does the sailboat on a Canadian dime mean?

The sailboat on the dime is the Bluenose. It was built in 1921 and due to the fact that it was an undefeated racing ship and fishing boat, it gained notoriety and fame in Cana (MORE)