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Why are sailboats white?

Captain Nat Herreshoff, one of America's famous and talented builders of classic sailboats once said, "There are only two colors to paint a boat, black or white, and only a fo ( Full Answer )
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When was a sailboat invented?

it was invented by the sumerians in 3,500 B.C it was made for easy water transportation, fishing, and trade.
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What is a dodger on a sailboat?

A dodger is a frame-supported canvas structure partially protectinga helmsman and other occupants in the cockpit of a sailboat fromharsh weather and seas. It covers part of th ( Full Answer )
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Do sailboats have motors?

Yes most ones with cabins (or places to sleep on the inside) do. Sailboats have motors just in case something happens to the sail.
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What is the hull of a sailboat?

The hull of a boat is the body of the boat. it is the part of theboat in the water. excluding the mast, boom, sail, rudder, keel,etc.
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Sailboat is to sail as?

Sailboat is to sail as kite is to fly, just as airplane is to wing and oil tanker is to engine.
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What is 'sailboat' in Dutch?

" Zeilboot " is a Dutch equivalent of "sailboat." Generally, a sailboat tends to be bigger than a sailboard and smaller than a sailing ship. It tends to be powered mainly by ( Full Answer )
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What is 'sailboat' in German?

" Segelboot " is a German equivalent of "sailboat." Sailboats represent favorite objects to many people. For some, playing with a toy sailboat is one of their favorite activi ( Full Answer )
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What is 'sailboat' in Italian?

" Barca a vela " is an Italian equivalent of "sailboat." The feminine noun " barca " means "boat." Its singular definite article is " la " ("the"), and its singular indefinit ( Full Answer )
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What is 'sailboat' in Latin?

" Navicula velifera " is a Latin equivalent of "sailboat." There are two equally correct ways in which the Latin phrase may be pronounced. One is according to the rules of th ( Full Answer )