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What is a dodger on a sailboat?

A dodger is a frame-supported canvas structure partially protecting  a helmsman and other occupants in the cockpit of a sailboat from  harsh weather and seas. It covers part (MORE)
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Why do some sailboats have black sails?

Some sailboats have black sails just as a matter of preference. The  boat's owner would have chosen that color. Though white is more  common and practical for sails.

What is a rabbit start for sailboat racing?

One boat, known as the rabbit, sails on a port close-hauled course. Competitors start the race by passing behind the rabbit on starboard tack. Theoretically, all boats startin (MORE)

What is the fastest type of sailboat?

Answer   As a general rule, catamarans have a higher average speed than mono-hull sailboats.   Catamarans are not the fastest sailboat, only sailboats that are know fo (MORE)
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Do sailboats have motors?

  Yes most ones with cabins (or places to sleep on the inside) do. Sailboats have motors just in case something happens to the sail.
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How long have sailboats been around for?

Sailing vessels, of some description, have been in existence since before the start of recorded history. As such no one can say who invented the fist one. They were used in ma (MORE)
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Who owns the Athena sailboat?

  ITs today parked in Newport RI, the owner of the worlds largest Sail Boat, 287 feet is,   Jim Clark (Netscape founder. August 2009 she is a beauty docked near the Hya (MORE)

What type of hull does a sailboat have?

There are many variants: Some single-hulled sailboats have V-hulls, while others are flat-bottomed. Others are twin-hulled and these are called catamarans. Yet others are call (MORE)