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IS there a song This by Rod Stewart?

yes, it's beautiful. read the lyrics: Get It Here Copy And Paste: (MORE)

Who wrote the rod Stewart song sailing?

"Sailing" is a love song written by Gavin Sutherland in 1972, performed by The Sutherland Brothers Band. The original and best version of the song performed beautifully by Rod (MORE)

Did Rod Stewart write his own songs?

Yes.   He has written many songs completely solo (and many of them have  been hits) and he has also co-written many songs which have also  been hits.    He is cur (MORE)

Who wrote the Rod Stewart song Forever Young?

Bob DylanOriginal lyrics by Diane Whitlow. Actually Bob's Forever Young was a whole different songs. They had a court meeting and the court ruled there weren't enough similari (MORE)

What rod Stewart song had bagpipes in it?

Rhythm Of My Heart starts with accordion before breaking into bagpipes for a few lines.So does the song Every Beat Of My Heart. Skye Boat Song, though it's a very rare song.
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What are the lyrics to the rod Stewart song two shades of blue?

Pack your bags and your radio  You don't live here anymore  Take your time as you walk out that door  I don't cry us any long  It don't matter what you wear  It's all ove (MORE)

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What is the meaning behind the song forever young by rod Stewart?

The song 'Forever Young' by Rod Stewart is a powerful song about youth during the Cold War. Several lines allude to the nuclear race between U.S. and U.S.S.R. including, "Hop (MORE)