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What is a Saint?

Letters to the saints... . In the New Testament you will notice the wording that the apostle is writing a letter to the saints. That was the terminology to indicate that a ( Full Answer )
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Who is a Saint?

Anyone who makes it to Heaven is a saint. Saints are holy, pure, and free from sin. That does not mean in their earthly lives, but when they are in heaven. Saints are the clos ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have saints?

When you see God, you will have to ask him. Some People put way to much into saints. The bible tells you that you should only look to and Praise God and Jesus. Saints have ( Full Answer )
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Why have saints?

We all become saints when we get to Heaven. To be a saint means that you are pure and free from sin. Though all in Heaven are saints, some are specially recognized due to the ( Full Answer )
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Why is Saint Mary considered a saint?

Saint Mary, aka The Blessed Virgin Mary, is considered a saint because according to Christianity, she, as a virgin, was chosen by God to give birth to Jesus Christ, the Son of ( Full Answer )
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What did Saint Sarah do to become a saint?

Sarah, the wife of Abraham, is an Old Testament matriarch and generally not accorded the title of saint. That title is usually reserved for those who entered Heaven after the ( Full Answer )
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Why are Saint Peter and Saint Paul saints?

Peter and Paul were saints only in the New Testament meaning of the word. Canonization by the church does not make anyone a saint except in the eyes of man. In the New Test ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to be a saint?

First, you have to die. Once you have been dead at least 5 years a causefor sainthood can be opened. The local bishop or other religious leaderwill assign someone to collect ( Full Answer )