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What is the phone number of saint Charles hospital in Lebanon?

  St. Charles Hospital: Address: Raihanieh Street, Feyadieh P.O.Box: 50/Baabda Tel: 05-454371/2, 05-451100, 05-953444, and 05-950953 Fax: 05-455131, 05-459790 E-mail: hsc@ (MORE)

Who is francisco lao borromeo?

Francisco Lao Borromeo was the President and CEO of Asian Capital Equities who was accused of and was indicted for illegally trading stocks owned by his clients to the tune of (MORE)

Why are Saint Peter and Saint Paul saints?

Peter and Paul were saints only in the New Testament meaning of the word. Canonization by the church does not make anyone a saint except in the eyes of man. In the New Testa (MORE)

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